How to Use a Career Page to Positively Show off Culture to Candidates

Gregory P. Smith

The culture of a business may be the most significant factor in determining a company's success. The Harvard Business Review reports culture directly impacts employee satisfaction, job performance, business creativity, commitment and loyalty, retention and absenteeism, and -- perhaps the most important quality to executives -- the bottom line.

The best companies in the country know the power of a positive work environment both for their employees and key stakeholders. Fortune magazine's list of the 100 best companies to work for in 2015 found one of the most notable trends among top businesses in the U.S. is that their leaders view workplace culture as a competitive tool and work to constantly improve it to increase performance.

Companies that take care of their employees see more employees taking better care of business. The Fortune survey also reported that the top leaders sought employee feedback to involve them in creating company policies and programs. By making the workforce an integral part of the shaping of the culture, it thrives.

Finding job candidates who align with your company's culture increases their motivation to be productive at work and produces better results. Here's how to express an appealing company culture on a jobs page to attract top candidates.

Consider Millennials

In 2015, millennials -- those aged 18 to 34 -- became the cohort with the largest presence in the American workforce for the first time, according to data by Pew Research Center. The PwC "Millennials at Work: Reshaping the Workplace" report found a strong work/life balance and prominent diversity policies were top considerations for millennial professionals, and more than 55 percent would consider leaving an employer that didn't meet value expectations.

Support millennial values on a jobs page by emphasizing the company's priority of diversity by showing a wide range of ages and cultures in imagery, and by explicitly stating business values in the copy. Point out how a work/life balance is supported by company initiatives. Highlight factors such as:

  • Leadership and training opportunities
  • Team-building and social activities
  • Office amenities, including features such as a gym, dining facilities and recreation rooms
  • Flexible schedules and telecommuting opportunities
  • Mentorship programs.

Let potential millennial candidates know your company is one where they can grow by stating that they'll never feel stagnant and will always be able to grow their skill set. DriveTime's job page is a good example of this. It features a video from the CEO that explains what it's like to work at the company and why people would want to work there. The page also highlights the career paths, management program and internship program that the company offers.

Be Immediately Available

Make the jobs page as personable as possible for an immediate start to building relationships with potential candidates. Let your current employees tell the company story through written, video and photo slideshow testimonials that also show off the office environment. Feature an introduction written by the CEO to give candidates an impression of the business leadership. Write copy with a tone of empathy and genuine caring to show candidates you're an ally to them in their job search.

Point visitors to other ways to discover your culture beyond the jobs page by featuring social media networks, links to case studies of work the company has done for clients, positive press your business has received and a link to the company blog. Allow candidates to contact the human resources department with any questions so the application process can be more efficient in gaining the interest of the best candidate fits.

Focus on highlighting a sense of inclusion on the page, and use employee surveys to garner meaningful feedback about the page to keep evolving its content and ensure it accurately reflects the business culture.

About the author:

As the founder and President of Chart Your Course International Inc., Smith helps executives and business owners create good organizations that attract, retain and motivate their workforce. He helps design strategies and processes to grow organizations and improve customer service creating clearer direction, increased profitability, stronger executive teams, improved communication and happier and more productive employees. He has written several books and has been featured in numerous magazines and trade journals and appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Bloomberg Business News and PBS television. He also conducts DISC workshops and certification programs. Please visit his website at or call 770-860-9464.