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60 Second Solutions
by Johnson & Hill
Dear Kathy,

Spring is in the air. It's a time to clean out the clutter and de-stress.

That's why we've included 14 great ideas to help you "spring clean" your work and personal life. I hope you enjoy these ideas!

Best Regards,

June Liberty
Johnson & Hill

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This Month's Solution:
The Challenge:
Clearing the clutter in your life

The 60 Second Solution: Simplify. De-clutter. Take some stress out of life.

Spring cleaning your life is a very natural thing. Just as you cannot pour more water into a full glass, you cannot add more to life unless you first make space.

Making the change.

Simple steps like watching an hour less TV, dropping negative friendships, taking lunch breaks at work, and eating well can transform your life overnight.

Many ordinary people jumpstart major change in their lives by making a few simple changes--you can do the same today.

Here are 14 ways to spring clean your life. These changes will help you develop greater work-life balance and simplicity.

7 Home & Life Spring Cleaning Tips:
  1. Have a full home spring clean to calm, focus and improve your daily life.
  2. Give all you haven't used for more than six months to friends or charity--it relieves you, helps others and allows space for new opportunities.
  3. Take time out--give yourself half an hour alone to relax or focus on your life.
  4. Eat a balanced diet and sleep well--this boosts energy and reduces stress.
  5. Use your voice mail, and reduce wasted hours in front of the TV.
  6. Drop all negative relationships--and only create positive ones.
  7. Write a short list of five or so priorities for this year and focus on them.
7 Work Spring Cleaning Tips:
  1. Have a thorough desk/file/computer clear out--it will focus you and ease stress.
  2. Try to touch every piece of paper and email just once wherever possible. Delete all your old emails.
  3. Arrive and leave on time--sounds simple--make it a habit.
  4. Start and end the day with a clear desk--this reduces "back to work phobia."
  5. Go out of the office at lunch to ensure you take a break--by doing a little less, you may actually get more done.
  6. Avoid squabbles/personality clashes--focus on your priorities.
  7. Start a fresh to-do list and schedule time to get your work done by limiting interruption. Yes, this may mean you will have to turn off your email and cell phone and close your office door.
Putting a clean life into action.

Set aside an hour today to start taking steps that will spring clean your life and invite success that could last forever. Then, continue with at least 30 minutes a day of cleaning until you have cleaned up and developed new habits. Remember: Invest in yourself and your progress--there is no wiser investment.

This article was adapted from Life Spring Cleaning Tips, by Rasheed Ogunlaru.

Are you looking for some help tidying up your office or getting some spring projects off the ground?

Johnson & Hill can help you clean-up and get more done! Just give us a call today at 413-746-3535.
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