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Are You Part of the In Crowd (at work, that is)?
Are You Part of the "In Crowd" (at work, that is)?
In With the In Crowd

Hi Kathy,

Office cliques can alienate workers, undermine productivity and derail key projects. To retain employees and keep your company running smoothly, you must learn to understand and manage the "in crowd." This month's Great Ideas will help you do just that.

June Liberty
Johnson & Hill


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Productivity Tips: Whistle While You Work

Whistle While You Work

Happy employees are productive employees--everybody knows that! But do you know exactly how to keep them content and working hard for you? The answers may surprise you.

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Results at Work: Simplifying Staffing for a High- Volume Staffing User

Results at Work:  Simplifying Staffing for a High Volume Staffing User

A large part of our role as a staffing partner is to simplify staffing for our clients. Here's an example of how educating a new user helped strengthen our relationship and make her job easier.

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Quote of the Month:

"Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person--not just an employee--are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability."

--Anne Mulcahy, former chairperson and CEO, Xerox Corporation
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