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60 Second Solutions
August 2010 | MY SETTINGS
60 Second Solutions
by Johnson & Hill
Dear Kathy,

Would you like to...
  • Get more work done...without having to work harder?
  • Have more resources to take on new projects?
  • Eliminate overtime expenses?
  • Prevent staff burnout?
  • Reduce turnover?
If so, then keep reading!

In today's 60 Second Solution, you'll discover one of the most powerful ways you can actually do more and spend less!

I hope you enjoy the article, and if you'd like to talk about how these ideas could apply to your business, just reply to this email or give me a call at 413-746-3535.

Best Regards,

June Liberty
Johnson & Hill
This Month's Solution:
The Challenge:
Do more and spend less! Every employer in America has heard this message over the past two years, and as the economy continues to recover, we are all being challenged to complete more projects without hiring. But how?

The 60 Second Solution: Flexible staffing.

Here are 10 ways you can add more flexibility to your work force-- without increasing your overhead:
  1. Match your work force to your workload. In an uncertain economy, using temporary staff can help to keep your work force flexible. Using temps to supplement your direct staff gives you the flexibility to increase production when demand is high...and keep your fixed overhead low.

  2. Offload low priority tasks. Boost the productivity of your core staff by allowing temporary employees to handle administrative duties. A good temp may be more efficient at administrative tasks and will free your staff to focus on the more skilled aspects of their jobs.

  3. Get on-demand access to specialized expertise. The contingent work force has grown to include engineers, IT specialists and other professionals. Highly skilled temporary professionals can be used to teach new skills to your organization and drastically reduce learning curves.

  4. Test new ideas before you hire. Before increasing your permanent work force to implement a new concept, try testing the idea with temporary employees. The temporaries can be directly involved in the testing or they can fill in for your direct staff who are working on the new concept.

  5. Ease the pain of rapid growth. Staffing services can reduce the many burdens created by rapid growth. Temporary workers can be used to fill in for staff who are developing plans for further growth. Temps can also be used to alleviate the additional administrative work that comes along with growth.

  6. Eliminate overtime and prevent burnout. Overtime can often be very stressful on employees, which can lead to burnout and decreased productivity. Using temporary workers can reduce or eliminate the need for overtime, which helps your staff stay fresh and productive.

  7. Increase capacity. Using temporary employees gives you the flexibility to increase your capacity without increasing your fixed costs. It also gives you the time to evaluate the rise in demand and make educated hiring decisions for the long-term.

  8. Eliminate process bottlenecks. Peak production periods often leave businesses understaffed. Using temporary employees can eliminate bottlenecks and allow companies to increase production levels and ensure no sales are lost.

  9. Keep your business staffed while you are hiring. Using temporary workers to fill in during job candidate searches can help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Temps can provide the needed support so that hiring decisions don't have to be rushed and productivity doesn't fall while you're searching for the perfect candidate.

  10. Bring in new business. Temporary employees can be used to develop campaigns to bring in new business. Telemarketing and direct mail campaigns can be implemented by temporary help without distracting your current staff from their core job duties.
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